House Construction – Preparation and Planning

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House Construction – Preparation and Planning

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One needs to know different things involved in building a home. From Architecture to Interior Designing, different professionals involve delivering the output. Buildings are designed by Architects & constructed by Civil Engineers. The following may be noted:


At the outset your Plot is measured by the surveyors. A Surveyor is a company or an individual who analyze the actual plot in the following manner.   The plot is measured for length & breadth, fixing North point i.e understanding the plot’s orientation w.r.t North, South, East & west, contours (height or depth) of the plot w.r.t the Road level, drainage points (if any), electric supply points, etc,. All the accumulated information is compiled and formatted in the form of Drawings which may be termed as Survey drawings.  This information is utilized in the design process by the respective Architect.


Architects are the ones who may design the project. The design element conforms to the fallowing:
• 1) The Client requirement (Two bedrooms, living room, Dining, Pooja Balcony, Solar, Parking, etc,.)
• 2) Space planning & Aesthetics (room dimensions, number of levels, ventilation, lighting, etc) including Feasibility.
• 3) Due Diligence (local laws & frameworks for design)

Survey report is studied by the Architects. Feasibility is worked out based on the client requirements & keeping in view the aesthetic appeal for the project envisioned by the Architect. Due diligence is always adhered.
With Survey & Feasibility report the respective Architect goes about the designing process. The Architect exposes the Client to various themes (classical, traditional, Modern, Minimalistic, etc,.) including the concepts proposed for the project.

Drawings are done in single lines demarcating respective areas that will include Bedrooms, Baths, Dining, Kitchen, etc,. On approval from the client the Architect proceed to prepare the Double line drawing where Wall thickness, Windows & Door openings are all captured. Again on approval the Architect will proceed to General Arrangement Drawings where most of the Architectural problems are solved including presentation of Areas in an Area Statement.

Consultants Specialists:
The work so far is passed across to the specialists (Consultants). The following are the consultants who may be involved in the projects.
1. Structural consultant
2. Electrical consultant
3. Plumbing consultant
4. Lighting consultant
5. Vertical transport consultant
6. Landscape consultant
7. Hardscape consultant
8. Façade Lighting consultant

These consultants have a specific job to do. ¬¬
1) First come the structural specialists. They solve all structural issues and come up with the correct kind of Structural Framework for the project. The Loads are calculated & steel is quantified, concrete density is arrived, Beams & columns are designed. All these are done keeping in view the original Architecture.
2) Then the Plumbing Consultants come  They address  plumbing points in the project, conduits are planned, the Ceramic unit points are finalized, Shower areas demarcated, outlets & inlets are designed and drain connections are planned.
3) Then the Electrical guys fix lighting points, switch points, etc
4) Similarly all consultants address their respective areas of expertise.
All speak the same language which is through drawings.
When all the consultants address their area of expertise then it is documented through drawings. Finally BOQs are prepared. BOQ (Bill of quantities) has information on material quantities for the project.  The quantities are converted to costing and cumulated to arrive at the final cost of the project.
This is the start of the Contracting Activity which is discussed subsequently.

About TATYA:

TATYA believes that every building has a purpose to fulfill, and an image to reflect, outside as well as inside of its walls. In view of this, our company has maintained a policy of project preparation in emphasizing aesthetics with functionality.
TATYA is a very professional Company with a team of Architects, Interior designers, Site Supervisors & Labor Crews equipped to handle all kinds of projects. TATYA usually is capable of taking turnkey projects. Turnkey involves all aspects of Designing, Construction & Interiors including Carpentry, Glass Work, Fabrication, Flooring, Wall treatment, Ceiling treatment, Lighting, Networking, Plumbing, Electrical, etc,.. TATYA is capable of handling projects of any size. You please visit http://www.tatya.infor more information.


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